After the Cooks Islands
where to next ?

as the sun sets on this wonderful destination

we contemplate , where to next ?

We all have our favourite places that we go to, places that make us wonder, where to next, a place that can top this holiday, this wonderful destination Cook Islands.

It could be that the next best destination we choose just makes us appreciate this one we have just left, so please consider the opportunity to contact some of the following

Here listed are some destination that are off the beaten path, those that are less troden or not heard of - where to next , these are a sample collection of places that are remote and unexplored. When you contemplate the question where to next, stop a while and sample some of these.

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Colombia is the best kept secret of latin-america. Its colourful landscapes, the warmth of its people; the taste of its unique variety of typical food. Not to talk about the magic of the old Cartagena; the perfect combination between modern cities and low cost cost of life, among many other things. Take the time to explore a new place, give yourself a chance to discover the reality of this beautiful country. Thinking in more than a vacation trip?

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Yangshuo Travel Guide

has all you need to know about Yangshuo and Guilin. Some people call it: Limestone Paradise. Find here all the travel secrets for enjoying this beautiful part of South China at its most. As a tourist destination, there are only few places in Asia more popular then Yangshuo.

Bicycle adventures

Bicycle adventures are not like other kinds of travel adventures. You will experience more in a country by bicycle than with any other kind of transport. A bicycle is the way to travel. Every cyclist knows that. I can tell, I have my own adventures, adventure cycling, if you wish, which I am going to share with you. Come on two wheels and explore

If you are looking for a complete lifestyle change , or wanting to invest into a Polynesian Culture or wanting to buy Real Estate ( Realty ) in the Cook Islands , then the team at Cook Islands Real Estate can help you. With over 15 years experience and expertise in helping others realize their Tropical Lifestyle dreams ...

The Team at Cook Islands Real Estate will assist with all the necessary paperwork in helping make your relocation smooth and easy. Let the professional team help you. Any questions you may have, they are there for you.

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In The Cook Islands

Smart Guide To Cruise Ships

smart-guide-to -cruise-ships

Read before cruising! Simple yet excellent guide on Alaska cruises - the world most popular summer cruise destinations. is also an excellent guide to start your cruise ship life as for your career as well as a traveler. The video gave a good feeling of what it is like on board the cruise ship, it is very informative and filled with tons of information to help you identify the right cruise for you to work and for making the best of your cruise ship vacation too : )

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