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There are about twelve reef breaks around Rarotonga. Ideal for surfing paddling or simply watching.


The waves average 3' to 12' all year round depending on wind and swell directions. You need a window of about two weeks to best discover the Rarotongan surf spots. If you live in Australia on Sydneys North Shore contact Andrew Tregonning - Rarotongas 'Surfing Cook Islands' guru and holder of some of the Cook Islands secret and best surfing spots.

Shout him a beer or six and he might just let slip one of his favouite 'secret spots'

Surf break rarotonga Cook Islands

Cook Islands Real Estate

Ask Andrew where to catch the biggest and best sized lobsters as well - after-all, we all need a feed at the end of the day.

The best surf boards to use in the Cook Islands range from 6' to7'

The waves are powerful, fast and big drops.

Another legend to talk to for advice is our very own Paka Worthington

Paka owns and runs Pakas Wholesale Black Pearls and Black Pearl Jewelry and if the conditions are right, or even if they are not so right, Paka will be out there on his board or in his canoe ( locally known as a vaka )surfing paddling or relaxing

so you can say .. " Paka is in his Vaka..."

This is Nathan Christmas enjoying the ride.

His wish was to one day be surfing in the Cook Islands - look him up on the net and have a chat.

Not exactly sure where this ride was at - but Nat. can tell you !

Ok, so we dont have a big variety of spots to surf in the Cook islands but we do know about surfing paddling snorkeling and swimming here in Rarotonga...

The island has a few quite good surf spots, but surfing here is not recommended for beginners as pretty much all the surfing is carried out at reef breaks and quite often over shallow coral.

The most reliable surf is at Ngatangiia on the east of the island where Avana passage, a small gap in the reef gives sometimes short and unreliable conditions. Opposite the passage is a smaller break which is popular for boogie boarders. If the surf isn't up at Avana, try Rutaki Passage on the south coast, Avarua passage North or off Club Raro on the north coast.

It's probably best to bring your own board with you, or you'll have to find a friendly local surfer and try to borrow one. As far as board rentals go on Rarotonga and thru out the Cook Islands , there is none.

So bring your own or you will be just sitting and watching.... but sometimes thats not so bad either...

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Come and spend some time in the little and unknown spot in polynesia we know as Heaven on Earth , a place we call home - Rarotonga.

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