Great Surf and Great food

by Rolando
(Brasil -Rio)

A small Mahi Mahi -we call them dorado

A small Mahi Mahi -we call them dorado

I went to Raro looking for a new place to catch up with some outta the way waves and breaks . I had surfed most of Africa and the Indo breaks and was looking or something off the beaten track . The surf was not so hot ( at the time ) but the markets were a place to get some great dishes . Have you eve heard of POKE pronounced 'Poke -kee'. it can be made of Banana or PawPaw or believe it or not - out of Cabin bread . Just boil the life outta the substance and have it set in coconut cram . It is sold in plastic take away containers and served room temperature or chilled . I is pretty stodgy , but fills an empty stomach.

I want to send out a big Hi ( aloha ) to Paka Worthington owner of Paka Pearls in downtown Avarua . Hi Paka .

Also Gidday to Aussie Tim from down at Muri beach who also pointed out some great breaks - when they were working - Great Mahi man !

Paka showed me some good waves , a bit of local paddling and some great night life.

Hang in there bro - I am coming back to Raro and get into some kite surfing.

Ka Kite


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