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Dominican Republic

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Top Ten Destinations in the World

Whenever a vacation, holidays or a special occasion comes up there are many people who set their mind on going in different European destinations such as France, Austria, Spain or Italy and most of the times, the capitals of these countries are the most successful. However, there are a lot of less common, but extraordinary destinations worth seeing once in a lifetime although some of them are in the countries mentioned earlier, which is why many couples choose them as wedding locations. Another possible top ten destinations would include the destination of Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina, Tak Be Ha in Mexico, Shark Alley in South Africa or Tiger Temple in Thailand and more.

Coast of Amalfi, Italy

Have you ever been to the Coast of Amalfi in Italy? Probably not, but this is an extraordinary place well worth listing in the top ten destinations of the world. Renowned for an impressive mountainous coastline, this location is in Campania and has a unique touch with its picturesque towns and villages, a perfect place for a romantic experience, full of adventure and beauty at the same time.


Also, you must have heard that some people choose as a once in a lifetime experience the nature treasures in the exotic island of Bali, an island also known as “heaven on earth”. Lost in the charm of an incredible marine life and sense of adventure, Bali is one of the most welcoming islands in the entire world and one of the most pleasant destinations one can choose.

Turtle Island, Fiji

Sticking to top ten destinations and also the island theme, Turtle Island in Fiji is just as impressive no matter of the occasion you might decide to visit it on. Lagoons, hydroponic gardens, simply a sea of turquoise beauty and the hospitable people make this place a perfect location and a place which is worth recorded and kept immortal forever.

Dubai, the United Emirates of Arabia

Many people dream of taking a vacation in one of the most luxurious and expensive destinations of the world, as that, normally, is for sure a once in a lifetime experience. Take Dubai for example. We all know that the luxury in Dubai is one of a kind. Imagine you are supposed to get married and you haven’t chosen your wedding location yet and your hotel or your honeymoon and you are determined that it will be in one of the worlds top ten destinations, then read on . How would you feel to choose the only 7-star hotel in the world as your location, out of the thousands of hotels for weddings there are out there? That would definitely make a wedding unforgettable.

Cancun, Mexico

Still exotic and lost in luxury is the well-known Cancun in Mexico, a place that not only makes for a perfect wedding destination, but for a perfect destination on any occasion. For sure, one can only afford such a trip once in their lifetime, but it is very hard to leave the decadent luxury, the all-the-way comfort there, the Mexican influences, the pretty dolphins and the delicious cocktails all behind.

Sub-Antarctic Islands, New Zealand

We all know that every trip is special in its own way and that, therefore, each trip has to be prepared in a different way. Well, the Sub-Antarctic Islands in New Zealand is that kind of destination, which you may find very challenging when it comes to having different travel tips at your disposal, as this is not a very easy trip to take. Adventure is guaranteed with this location, but the experience is a total blast, rare and divine.


Whenever people choose to go such far away destinations and most original ones, it is very obvious that this is not an easy trip to take, but if planned well, it is difficult to take another trip to reach the same standards. Antarctica is a white paradise, one that challenges anyone’s body and mind, but a locations which literally ices up to one’s memory.


At the first sound of it, people aren’t so enthusiastic about this location, mainly because it doesn’t have an extraordinary name, but the natural treasures it hides are indeed extraordinary. This destination is filled with magic and it impresses by its natural and unchanged beauties. Also, there is no room for getting bored in Seychelles, where it’s a true paradise for scuba divers, snorkelling amateurs or even gambling.

Shark Alley, South Africa

Nature is not always only about landscapes, as the magic air of a certain destination can also be given by the living beauties it has to offer. Such a place destined to amateurs of marine creatures is Shark Alley, a world of all kinds of species of sharks. What is unique bout this place is the fact that tourists have the chance to dive in the ocean and actually see the Great White whirling around them, which is definitely one breath-taking experience.

Tiger Temple, Thailand

Still fancying the living creature thing? Well, if one is not really into sharks, there is absolutely no problem, because the world also has exotic destinations hosting other great characters of the living nature. Tiger Temple in Thailand is one such destination, a place which gives anyone a whole different perspective on tigers and teaches a lesson about how to treat the royal creature.

These would be only some of the destinations one should try visiting in a lifetime if looking for seeing extraordinary places and is trying to make choices which step out of the stereotypical ones. Therefore, what would you think about such a dare?

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