Three Business Icons

Will be Sold
Jointly or Separately

* Raro Mart

* Raro Flooring

* Raro Electronics and Appliances


RaroMart began operation in 1996.

It is modeled on the N.Z Warehouse or the American K-Mart concept of Value for Money. It has enjoyed strong growth over these years and is now an icon on Rarotonga.

All purchasing and sourcing is done directly from the factory outlets in China. And these contacts will be passed over to the new owners.

Excellent prospects for continued growth for an owner/operator ..

The RaroMart outlet also supplies (wholesale) to other outlets and still enjoys good margins doing so.

Asking Price N.Z. $135,000 plus stock

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Raro Electronics and Appliances

Have been the Brother agents in the Cook Islands for over 14 years and has a very large customer base established in the Private and Public sectors

The sale of the consumable for these products into this customer base account for 20% of the total sales of Brother products.

Raro Electronics have held the Panasonic Agency for the past 4 years also, supplying vacuum cleaners / Plasma T.V / LCD TV / and batteries as the major appliances with other Panasonic products making up the mix.

Panasonic work with Raro Electronics in being able to offer a competitive pricing to market the likes of TV’s into the lucrative tourism sector ( Hotels- Motels etc ) .

With the Cook Islands being predominately a tourism based industry, this is a major advantage and highly lucrative.

Raro Electronics has their own in-house service centre ( repairs and installation ) and this has major potential for growth to service third party appliances .

Asking Price N.Z. $53,000 plus Stock

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Raro Flooring

Raro flooring started as a separate entity form the RaroMart complex beginning of 2009 . Previously it was part of the RaroMart business and has had good solid growth since 1998

Raro Flooring is today the leading distributor for ASA (ex N.Z and Aust. ) and Topstick ( Thailand ) grouts and adhesives.

Distributors for Dynasty Ceramic tiles products for the past 8 years, plus a range of Budget tiles from China.

Raro Flooring also supplies and sells the 4 seasons brand of paint for ( Toa Paints ) Thailand. There is the potential to grow this business by adding other home improvement products to the existing range.

Asking Price N.Z $120,000 plus stock

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