The process is simplified to such a degree that success (i.e., profits, not the mere presence of a Web site) is achievable even for a beginner. For an experienced person, achieving success is even smoother. SBI! really does change lives.

I know that at this point you are probably thinking, here we go – this seems like hard work and I am going to have to go to college or do a course – I don’t have the time for all this – there must be an easier way – I don’t understand computer jargon or that much about computers so how can I get an online business up and running. One thing that is guaranteed is this; you DO NOT NEED to know all the technical stuff and jargon to build a successful on line business with SBI. If you pick a subject you know something about, are passionate about the topic, not scared to put in some time and effort and follow the steps provided, you will be well on your way

And YES, there are easier ways to build a Web site. However, online profits require more than just having a collection of Web pages. SBI! includes all the tools and gives you a proven process that is required, to build a long-term, profitable e-business.

SBI! really does change lives.


There is so many non-SBI! Sitesout there and they all start without profits being "built into" the process from DAY 1. After all – the reason we have come this far is that PROFIT , or the R.O.I RETURN on INVESTMENT ( Our investment of our Time and Money), must be there.
It all begins with the right process.

Content Traffic PREsell Monetize is the underlying, logical and powerful process that capitalizes upon the fundamental realities of how people use the Web. C T P M puts you on a solid, profitable business foundation.

So how do I create these pages on a web site , I know absolutely nothing about the codes and formulas or even how to get started , Let me tell you now , if your computer skills are such that you only know how to send an email, and know how to point and click a mouse –then you can build a site like this one you are on now.
Page creation is as simple as riding a bike with its training wheels still attached. No need to know HTML. The block-by-block builder trains you how to write a page that is both "Search Engine and human effective." It's simple, do-able and most importantly, effective site-building. The block-by-block builder is perfect for beginners, but even many "advanced" users start with this tool. It's an excellent way to break bad habits!

Now we are getting down to the real nuts and bolts of how some sites become known and others just ‘die’ in the wilderness of Cyber-space. Well to announce your site to Search Engines, you need to submit a specialized file called a "Sitemap XML" file. Sounds confusing?, and again you are now probably saying – Uh Oh !!! I am lost again, well remember SBI! takes over on all the technical details and does it all automatically, a huge time saver, that enables you to quickly achieve wider distribution and attract more targeted free traffic. All that you need to do is concentrate on just building more pages of good content. All of the technical stuff is taken care of by SBI. The whole process is geared up to enable those with little or no computer skills. If you are more technically inclined, SBI is still the right choice, because the whole SBI process will let you fit in and grow at what ever level of technical expertise you have.

SBI! includes an easy-to-use form builder with auto responders. You can build contact forms, surveys, and polls to easily communicate with your visitors. You don't need to use your e-mail address, which attracts spam. Experienced users will appreciate no longer needing separate form-building tools. Having these tools all in one place saves time and expense, too.
You are guaranteed to have a site that looks and feels like one that is built by the ‘super-geeks, but without the price tag

And Best of all - SBI! has a no-risk, 30-day money back guarantee. It's a risk-free decision that you can make with confidence and peace of mind.

Dr. Evoy (the founder of Solo Build It) realized that the average business person needs more than some information in books, no matter how good. S/he needs both the C T P M process and an all-in-one Web site hosting, building and marketing suite of tools that enables them to execute the process flawlessly. To this day, Solo Build It! is unique.