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Destination Cook Islands

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Destination - Cook islands !!

If you are looking to purchase an existing business or have a new and desirable product or idea, if you can add to our economic growth, if you wish to create a new career or simply looking for a lifestyle change for yourself and family, and you can contribute meaningfully to our country, and in particular through our tourism industry (either directly or indirectly) then you will be welcomed and encouraged to apply. 


You may already be an able and experienceed hand in this vibrant industry, or you are simply good with people and keen to learn, either way The Cook Islands is already softly exploding onto the world platform.

If you are keen to put your heart into the Cook Islands - you will benefit in any number of ways.

Can you see yourself living and working in a relatively sophisticated tropical paradise – as your own boss and part of a vibrant and welcoming community ?

Then the Cook Islands is looking for you.


you can make the Cook Islands your destination.

I did and I can show you how


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Cook Islands Real Estate

We have business opportunities in a wide range of business sectors, each which will give you the opportunity, and the necessary immigration approvals, to come and live here in our paradise we call home.

I have divided the Real Estate listing of the Cook Islands into broad categories of businesses, homes and vacant land (sections) on both the main island of Rarotonga and one of the closer outer islands called Aitutaki.

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For all Non–Cook Islanders wishing to come and live here, then the simplest and most straight forward way of entry into the islands is by purchasing an existing business. Start your research by browsing

Businesses For Sale on Rarotonga

For further reading and understanding of the application process 

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FAQ's (Freqently Asked Questions)

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