The RENT Busters

Old man

These Properties

Must Sell

· Are you A Cook Islander or have P.R status or are an owner in a registered Cook Islands company

· Do you have some ready cash earning very little in a Deposit or Cheque Account

· Are you currently renting and tired of seeing your hard earned dollars go from your pocket and into someone else’s pocket

· Do you have a good relationship with a Bank and a small amount of savings

· Are you currently saving to get your own home, but just can‘t seem to reach the full amount.

· Would you like to be in
YOUR own home NOW !!!
and not have your hard earned $$$’s slip into the landlords pocket.

· Are you thinking that it is impossible to ever get your own HOME

Then Think Again !!

Talk to us – we have a solution that might surprise you – and get you out of renting and get you into OWNING.

We have a list of properties
That Must Sell
and we would like to get you into one of them.

Provide us with some basic information and let‘s see if we can transform you from a

Happy person

Thinking about renting or buying a house in New Zealand?
Abacus Finance can help.

Houses to rent, professional Mortgage Brokers, current mortgage rates, excellent service and an answer personalised to your requirements.

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