Map of Rarotonga

Map of Rarotonga

Rarotonga lies in the heart of the South Pacific , we are directly south of the equator , in the same position that Hawaii is north of the equator.

Rarotonga is blessed white an abundance of white sandy beaches , ideal for that romantic honeymoon destination, or long awaited family vacation in Polynesia.

Our beautiful beaches with their low overhanging coconut palms are caressed and encircled by a crystal blue body of water we call the lagoon. This lagoon is protected by a fringing reef with the waves from the pacific ocean constantly rolling upon them. The cool tropical breezes gently caressing the shoreline. The lagoon with its abundance of brightly coloured fish swimming only a hands touch away.

It is a haven for any tropical holiday vacation. Rarotonga hotels, resorts, villas and vacation rentals are dotted along the coastline right around the island - which is a mere 32 km in total - and it takes only 45 minutes to travel all the way round.

Ninety percent of all accommodation is either on the beach or a short stroll to the beach. This warm, tropical island is ideal for family vacation, romantic honeymoons or even as an ideal Cook Islands wedding destination.

Rest assured you will be captivated by the charm , the relaxed nature and the friendly people who call this tropical paradise home.

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