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THE HOW TO ON LAND OWNERSHIP IN COOK ISLANDS: The most common question, Peter and Carey of Cook Islands Real Estate, are asked, when visitors have been enjoying the Cook Islands is

"Can anyone obtain land or a business here in the Cook Islands?" Simply , the answer is YES !! we can.

Real Estate in the Cook Islands sometimes known simply as Realty is all 'Leasehold'. This can be quite an advantage if you are looking at buying Real Estate or buying a business here in Rarotonga or thru-out the Cook Islands.

The actual land that any home or business sits upon is always owned by the respective families. A 'Foreigner' (ie: anyone who is not a Cook Islander) and wants Land Ownership, has the ability to, by obtaining a lease from the ' landowner(s) to conduct a business or to build a home or to take over an existing lease on a residential property or business.

In short: you can have leased land 're-assigned' from the current leaseholder and then registered in your name. In this way you then have ownership of this land for the remainder of that lease period

There are the necessary legal documents that need to be completed, stamped and filed - which is the same world over. This makes it all legal, binding and secure.

Once all these documents are passed by the B.T.I.B (Business Trade Investment Board) then you are on your way.
I have a complete section titled FAQ's, that covers more on this and will outline a Road Map of the process.

The Team at Cook Islands Real Estate are here to assist you with this process.

We can supply all the necessary documentation.

We can help with a selection of Accountants and Solicitors (a.k.a. -lawyers) for all your technical questions.

We will help with the documents and paperwork that you will need to have completed and lodged with the B.T.I.B.

We will be with you every step of the way, from your initial enquiry all the way through to handing you the keys to your new lifestyle choice.

Be it a business like a Motel or Hotel, or Boutique Accommodation complex, Resort, cafe or restaurant, land selection to business venture.

We have been putting our customers Cook Islands dreams and realities together for a long time.

We have done it for ourselves and we can show you how to as well

It takes patience on your behalf and the expertise on our behalf.

Together we can make it happen


"Can anyone buy a business or obtain land here in the Cook Islands?" YES !! they can.

Any questions you may have on Land Ownership or any Real Estate questions, simply fill in the details and we will come back with the answers

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