Ika Mata - Made Easy

A Truely Tradional Cook Islands Dish

How to make Ika Mata.

IkaMata can be made from most white flesh fish, however my favorite is always with one of those from the tuna family, with my preference always being that Albacore.

Slice the fish into small cubes.

Place in a bowl and marinade with juice from the lemons, (the juice must just cover the fish cubes) even better with freshly squeezed lime juice.

Sprinkle well with salt.

Once the lemon or lime juice has soaked into the fish, the fish will turn to a white color.

After a few minutes , squeeze the juice and salt mixture to waste – this can be done with your hands

Place this squeezed fish back into a bowl. The fish may resemble a lump of fish pieces by now so separate the pieces of fish with your fingers

Add finely chopped onions and tomatoes and cucumber and Mix well then pour over coconut cream.

Adjust taste with salt.

Ready to eat..

Note: optional vegetables such as cabbage, cucumbers, carrots, capsicums or celery can be used. Also top with fresh coriander ( cilantro ) for added flavors , plus a dash of Tabasco...

IkaMata, translates literally as Fish-Raw , however the lime and or lemon juice make this dish an marinated meal, as oppossed to raw as in sushi or shashimi.

Raw Fish - IkaMata - .. absolutley fantastic..its Ika-licious !!

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