Green Sea Turtle

In and around Polynesia - Cook Islands Palmerston Island

The green sea turtle

Sea turtles have presumably nested at one spot in particular , that being Palmerston Atoll , which is located within the Cook Islands Group for thousands of years, and have been an important food resource since the atoll was settled in 1863.

Commercial harvesting for export was undertaken for several decades in the past century. The status and biology of the Palmerston turtle population is unknown; harvesting has neither been regulated nor documented.

With worldwide sea turtle populations dropping, South Pacific populations declining, and other Cook Islands rookeries unlikely to recover, conserving the Palmerston Atoll

Palmerston Island ( Palmerston Atoll ) rookery warrants immediate attention. Determining the status of the atoll's nesting turtles and training islanders to monitor them are the first steps towards effective conservation management.


Fact 1: The Green Turtle is also found in Australian waters. In fact, there are only seven species of marine turtles in the world, and six of these are found in Australian waters. Unfortunately their population is on the decline also (due to factors such as pollution and illegal fishing or tangled in fishing nets).

Fact 2:The turtles consume sea-grass and other sea plants. They male sea turtle spend all of their life at sea, the females only come to land to lay eggs. They do this on a sandy beach, and crawl to the top of the sand to dig a hole. They lay about 100 eggs and then cover them with sand.

Fact 3: The female turtle lays it eggs in the same place as it was born.

Fact 4: The female sea turtle returns to the same place each year to lay eggs.

Fact 5:Sea turtles are reptiles whose ancestors evolved on land and returned to the sea to live about 150 million years ago. They are one of the few species so ancient that they watched the dinosaurs evolve and become extinct. The biological classification of the green sea turtle is listed below.

Fact 6: As reptiles, green sea turtles, like all other species of sea turtles, possess the following traits: They are cold-blooded, meaning that they get their body heat from the environment rather than making their own. They breathe air .Their skin has scales.

Fact 7 The correct terminology for a turtles shell is a carapace.

Fact 8 These amazing creatures are on average 45-120 cms in size.

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