Big Game Fishing Destinations

Black Marlin.Wahoo. Mahi. Albacore. Spearfish. Yellow-Fin-Tuna . Spearfish.

Big Game Fishing destinations like those in the Cook Islands and in and around Rarotonga are proving to be world class.

No matter what you like to catch or what you bring back on board, there is nothing like the thrill of hooking up with a Big Game fish.

Marlin, Yellow Fin Tuna, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi ( Mai Mai ), Spearfish, Broadbill.

Game Fish Destinations like Mexico, South America, North Coast Australia and Hawaii are better known, however the secret waters in the Cook Islands hold a wealth of Big Fish. They come so close to shore that going Deep Sea Fishing or Blue Water Fishing is only a matter of going a few hundred meters off shore.

Fishing in the Cook islands has one distinct advantage over other Game fishing destinations in that you can start fishing within 5 minutes of leaving the wharf.

Rarotonga is a unique game fishing destination due to the fact that from the moment you set off from the wharf you shoot straight out to deep blue Pacific Ocean.

No time wasted, you are straight into doing what you came to do, Blue Water Fishing, and the view back on shore is totally amazing.

Rarotonga has some majestic volcanic peaks that are covered in dense jungle with the craggy peaks of the old volcanic structure sitting high, sometimes shrouded in mist. The most well known point being that called the needle

What a sight, so bring your camera to record the catch, and the magnificent beauty of Rarotonga – Cook Islands.


Marlin All year ( best November – February ) average weight = 120kg
Yellow Fin Tuna ( best months May- September ) average weight =30kg
Wahoo ( Best Jul – November ) average weight = 20kgs
Dolphin Fish a.k.a. Mahi Mahi ( all year ) average weight 20kgs
Barracuda ( best July-November ) average weight = 12kg

Coming up to the month of October small families of humpback whales pass through Rarotonga's waters heading south for the summer feeding grounds in Antarctica. They can be seen from the shore and many an angler has had the pleasure of getting up close and personal with these truly majestic creatures.

These are the times that your non-fishing company and family members can enjoy the pleasure and the comforts of these Fishing boats Seafari and Akura, whilst you doing your thing, and the others enjoying the whale watching and the scenery looking back to shore.

Big Game Fishing Charters and sport Fishing Charters can be arranged for small groups or the larger ones.

Blue Water Fishing is safe and enjoyable with these two Fishing Charter operators.

Our famous whale watching expert Nan Hauser has an information centre on whales located on the back road at Nikao

If you would like to take time out and do some tramping in the Cook Islands interior Pa's Trekking Tours is the way to go .

A proud angler visiting the Cook Islands Stephen Winterflood was lucky enough to bag himself a Tuna whilst out on a very knarly day Deep Sea Fishing with fellow anglers Paul Winteflood (father ), Uncle Carey and good buddy Jaret Moore.

This little beauty went straight into making a local dish called Ika Mata ( translated as marinated or raw fish ).

We are referring to the fish, not the angler :-)

After all is said and done , fish are bagged and filleted then the call of the wild sets upon you. Definitely need a beer, but not just any beer, a really cold one, and an ideal place to talk about the days catch, and the one that may have got away.

The Rarotongan Game Fishing Club is the place to head to. Affiliated with the international Game Fishing Association.

Sit inside or outside, just a great place after a hard day on the water.

If you have are record sized catch, then the weighing station ( located on site at the Game Fishing Club )is ready to record the weight and enter your name into the record books.

The old blue boat is a casualty of a cyclone of the past. Now firmly wedged into place and restored as a – you guessed it – the perfect Fish and Chips outlet on the rock. So grab a beer and order the meal – you have arrived in utopia.

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