Why Invest In the Cook Islands

Is it really as good as I am hearing?

Why invest in the Cook Islands? The Cook Islands has been the sleeping (and creeping) giant in the South Pacific, known more as a layback tourist vacation destination for most New Zealanders and a handful of Australians, Europeans, North Americans and Canadians.

Our total number of tourist per year has been building steadily but still less than 100,000 annually. The only major airline to date is Air New Zealand, with a couple of outside players like Pacific Blue and Air Tahiti – however good marketing over time and as critical mass has taken effect, the word about the nature of our people, the pristine and safe location of the Cook Islands, and the beauty of this island chain has seeped out to all the corners of the traveling globe so that future tourism prospects for the Cook Islands are high and a dramatic rise is imminent

So What Are the Prospects

With accelerating knowledge of the Cook Islands, comes accelerating world interest, with interest comes visitors, and visitor growth is the component, the very backbone, of a thriving tourism industry. It is well know that the largest and fastest growing industry in the world today is Tourism. Tourism in some countries support the entire economy, and here in the Paradise we call Cook Islands, it is certainly so. Today more so than ever we are in need of the right people who wish to be involved in the Cook Islands for the right reasons. If you are looking to purchase an existing business or have a new and desirable product or idea, if you can add to our economic growth, if you wish to create a new career or lifestyle for yourself and you can contribute meaningfully to our country, and in particular through our tourism industry (either directly or indirectly) then you will be welcome to apply, so act now. You may already be able and an experienced hand in this vibrant industry, or are good with people and keen to learn, either way The Cook Islands is already softly exploding onto the world platform. If you are keen to put your heart into the Cook Islands - you will benefit in any number of ways.

The next few years will see the real growth, and those investing now will see the biggest benefits. We have a range of business opportunities at Cook Islands Real Estate that are presently listed and very affordable, in some case, entry level, prices.

As our tourism sector grows, then it will be a simple case of supply and demand. A growth in investor interest means less business opportunities will be then available, and those that are, will be of a higher price. In simple words, the time has never been better to invest in the Cook Islands, than right now!!

All industry sectors are linked together with tourism. Here is a simple example …as the number of tourist increase, the amount of tourist dollars injected into our economy results in greater wealth for all to purchase better and more consumables, so these industries grow as well.

As this percolates thru the economy, then even a family growing their bananas on the hill side, or the employee pumping gasoline at the bowser will see a greater amount of their products being purchased and a higher income– an so, all are linked together…

This is the reason why we list, not only tourism accommodation opportunities, but all those ancillary industries that make up the very fabric of our economy. WHY INVEST ? The last ten years has seen a steady increase in our tourism arrivals and this has continued throughout the past 18 months, which had seen some of the worst economic times, worldwide, in our living history. This is the proof of the pie, that tourism is a huge and healthy industry that spans across all demographics and income sectors and its forward motion is not easily disturbed, even with economic downturn. Picture yourself in the next 5 – 10 years, have you a plan or goal that you have set for yourself. Satisfied with where you are and where you would like to be?. Can you see yourself living and working in a relatively sophisticated tropical paradise – as your own boss and part of a vibrant and welcoming community ? The Cook Islands is considered an extremely safe haven.

Our infrastructure include.
• Australia & New Zealand Bank (ANZ)
• Westpac Banking Corporation
• Bank of the Cook Islands.
• Up-to-date telecommunications and mobile systems
• Internet
• Satellite television
• A life-style in a relaxed and safe environment
• Developed infrastructure for business
. Quality housing and good health and education services.

Tax Haven
• Limited or no tax on a number of items.
• No Wealth Tax
• No Gift Tax
. No Property Tax
• No Capital Gains Tax
• No Death Duty Tax
• Company Tax - 20% flat rate – all industry
• Value added Tax ( aka G.S.T ) - 12.5%

The Cook Islands BTIB (Business Trade Investment Board)

The BTIB was established by the Cook Islands Government as its economic development agency and is seen as a key facilitator for driving economic growth in the Cook Islands. They provide a wide range of services that encourage the development of enterprise whilst ensuring that where possible Cook Islanders are active participants.

WHY INVEST? : The last 10 years has seen a significant increase in foreign direct investment (FDI) which has added to the level of new enterprises established. Such investment has provided amongst other things increased tax receipts, provision of jobs and the transfer of skills, capital and expertise to the local community.

Feel the need for change and wanting to live an exciting and different lifestyle, immersed in tourism and the warm tropical weather of the Cook Islands. Year round sunshine with average temperatures in the mid 20’s. No traffic lights ( not one ) or grid lock here.

WHY INVEST ?: Would you like to see yourself as self employed, doing business in casual attire looking across the blue of the lagoon? A relaxed, yet vibrant array of industries all linked together thru tourism.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” - Mark Twain....