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Carey came to these pristine islands in the mid 1990's after reading about them as a child. These islands had always been a magnet to him , and now a dream realised he has been involved in businesses and now property sales for Cook Islands Real Estate Ltd.

If you have any questions about the legal aspects of owning your own slice of Paradise , or need mentoring in running a cafe or restaurant, then Carey Winterflood has the Experience and Knowledge to help you.

For those of you who may be considering a radical 'Sea-Change ' and doing something completely different , then you are in Good Hands. Carey had 20 years in the Computer Industry in Sydney Australia , before he arrived on these golden shores to set up and run the SALTWATER CAFE with his wife, Akemarua - The Cafe is now an Icon thru-out the South Pacific.

As Carey states , he finally got out of Micro-Chips and ended up doing Fish and Chips

His favourite saying" You, too, can own your own slice of Paradise. "

Carey and long time friend and mentor Peter Heays, own and run CookIslands RealEstate Ltd. This business is entirely focused on the sale Real Estate within the Cook Islands

You can contact Carey Winterflood right here, for help with any questions you may have.

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Peter and wife Jolene have been living on Rarotonga for over 30 years and remain involved with Accomodation businesses. Both Peter and Jolene have owned and operated many other businesses thru-out their time here.

Peter and Jolene remain active members of the Rarotongan Sailing Club , and can be found here most Saturdays

Peter is adamant that you can definately do business and have fun at the same time. With a wealth of knowledge within the Hospitality and Tourism industries , both in the Cook Islands and New Zealand , Peter is not only able to assist in Real Estate matters, but also as a business mentor to those who want to come, live and work in Paradise.

Peter firmly believes that Business and Pleasure do mix , here in Polynesia.

You can contact Peter Heays directly , for any information or questions you may have with Cook Islands Real Estate.

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