Avana Point Section

One of a kind !!!

This section can only be called  'one-of-a-kind'.

Located at the entrance of Avana Harbour, this magnificent property is


Vaerota Section 6Q Ngatangiia

    Size= 2040 Square Meters ( 1/2 acre)

    Lease till 2062

    Usage = Residential and commercial 

You could have views like this from every window of the dream home that you  build - unique !!!!.

This is a magnificent section ready for development 

We have never had a section like this come onto the books before - so GET IN  NOW !!!

views of the harbor and the mountainous interior combine with uninterrupted ocean views 

 your very own, secluded, beach-side hideaway  

no crowds here !!

Diving for local Crayfish  - right on your doorstep

above image of crayfish  - courtesy of Alan Syme

???? What are you waiting for ????

Asking price - only -

NZD$ 350,000.00